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664040, Irkutsk, post office box 129, st. Rosa Luxemburg, no. 184
Export sales department
+7(3952)257-772 (вн.652) +794-00-911-000
Tel (fax) for orders:
+7(3952) 211- 511

To carry out its production activities of JSC "Enerpred" has manufacturing facilities, which allow you to perform the following technology services:

In the blank-welding production

  • Cutting pieces of metal bar stock material for band saws;
  • Cutting the pieces and parts of metallic sheet material to the cutter, cutting metal bar stock material to the press shears;
  • Cutting the pieces and parts from sheet steel manual and automatic (CNC) flame-ways up to 100 mm;
  • Manual metal arc welding of steel constructions;
  • MIG welding of steel and aluminum alloys in shielding gases;
  • Manual gas-flame welding of copper alloys for steel parts;
  • Bending of sheet steel;
  • Sandblasting of steel parts.

In the mechanical collection

  • Machining of steel, alloys and metallic materials (turning, milling, drilling, grinding, polishing, boring, etc.), including with CNC machining and 4-axis machining centers from Germany, Japan, China;
  • EDM operating on punch and cutout machine;
  • Assembly, configuration, testing of hydraulic devices operating at ultra-high pressures (70 to 300 MPa);

In the thermal processing

  • Volumetric heat treatment of steel parts with heating in electric furnaces;
  • Surface heat treatment of steel parts with heating HDTV;
  • Chemical heat treatment of steel – cementation; liquid oxycarbonitriding

In the production of coatings

  • Colouring powdered polymer paint;
  • Colouring liquid colors;
  • Chemical oxidation.

We can do the product according to your drawings. If necessary, the engineers design department will perform them on your technical project.

We invite you to cooperate with companies and organizations for the development cooperative relations.

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Rosa Luxemburg street, 184,post office box 129
Irkutsk, 664040, Russia


+7 (3952) 211-140


+7 (3952) 555-159

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