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By the end of 2023, the industry of the Enerpred Company was replenished with new models of machines and installations that significantly improve the quality of products and optimize production processes.Over the past year, the company has acquired:

- SOLEX CNC lathes model NL634SCZ in the amount of two pieces. This lathe with an inclined bed is designed for processing parts of various geometric shapes of medium and large sizes. The increased distance between the guides, the monolithic cast-iron bed and the heavy weight of the machine ensure higher structural rigidity and processing stability. The inclination of the guides at an angle of 45° ensures effective chip removal, facilitates the installation/removal of the workpiece, installation, alignment and disassembly of tooling and tools.

- KOMAX shot blasting chamber. The shot blasting machine is designed for cleaning and surface preparation of large-sized metal products before coating. The shot blasting chamber operates on the principle of a pressure pneumatic installation, which creates a directed air flow with an abrasive shot. The shot cleaning method allows the surface to be cleaned of rust, scale, slag, sand, paint and other pollutants, which gives the surface an evenly distributed metallic sheen. You can see the process of working in the shot blasting chamber at the link.

The Enerpred Company pays great attention to the quality of finished products, so we plan to continue improving existing processes at various stages of production. Currently, active work is underway to modernize production facilities to increase productivity and the quality of working conditions. Every year our company strives to become better!


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